Collaborative Care Program

Working collaboratively strengthens recovery and community.

Does your client need an intensive residential retreat?


With The Bay’s Collaborative Care Program, your client can have the comfort and reassurance of your collaboration in their residential retreat, to ensure continuity of therapeutic care and support throughout the entire process of treatment.

When you refer your client to The Bay, we begin by consulting with you prior to admission so that you have the opportunity to prepare your client for their residential retreat and ensuring that we fully understand your client’s needs.

Throughout the program, we will continue to consult weekly with you. This may serve to refine and deepen your client’s process and to keep you abreast of their progress. When the program concludes, we will discharge your client to your on-going care, with both you and your client having a sense of a shared journey.

Working collaboratively strengthens recovery and community.


Our therapists and medical staff are well known and respected within the therapeutic community, and we are always looking to develop working relationships with other health professionals.

We’ve discovered that working collaboratively not only provides the best care possible for our shared clients but also strengthens their recovery and sense of belonging to a healing community.

To collaborate in the care of your client, you don’t need to have a pre-existing relationship with us. You will be considered a consultant to The Bay for the duration of your client’s care. We welcome your referral and the opportunity to work with you if your client is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, mental health issues, chronic pain or trauma.


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Once you have completed our client referral form, we will contact you to discuss your client’s situation. With permission, we will then contact the client to schedule an assessment.

We look forward to collaborating with you to care for your clients. If you have any questions please talk to us.

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