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Can I attend to important business matters while in retreat?

As with phone use, we can collaborate with you and accommodate crucial business matters within the structure of your program.

Can I use my phone in retreat?

We respect you as the mature adult that you are. We have clear rules and boundaries for our retreats, however, you are also offered a degree of flexibility within those boundaries. As mindfulness is a core component of our programs we structure your day in a way that promotes stillness and awareness. For this reason, we allocate specific time, in consultation with you, for phone or computer use.

Can I smoke during the retreat?

Smoking is permitted outside your retreat home, if smoking cessation is not one of your goals for treatment.

How can my family be involved?

The pain or distress of one family member can impact on everyone in the family. We acknowledge the importance that your family and loved ones play in your sustained recovery and welcome them to be a part of your program if appropriate. More info on Family Support

Do I need to attend groups or group therapy?

There is no group therapy at The Bay. We do not follow the more conventional 12-Step approach and you will not be asked to attend 12-Step meetings. Every Bay Retreats program operates on a one-to-one, single-client basis only.

While we respect the power and validity of group therapy and certainly group work has many benefits, at The Bay, our intention is to offer you an opportunity to immerse yourself in your own healing process, without the distractions of other clients in process.

One of the key benefits of group therapy can be the perspective of others in the group. At The Bay, you will have the opportunity to “bounce off” other people in each of your various daily sessions – each practitioner, carer, and support person will naturally embody their own perspective, offering an opportunity to reflect a different part of who you are. The difference with our individual care is that each person you encounter will be professionally dedicated to supporting you in your process rather than offering distraction from it.

At The Bay you won’t need to endure distractions or share precious therapy time with other clients, allowing you more time to address the underlying, more subtle aspects of your healing, which will ultimately contribute to deeper self-awareness, more tools developed just for you, and a more sustainable recovery.

How do I get admitted to your rehab program?

Our admissions process is as simple as possible to allow you to get the treatment you need as quickly as possible. It starts with a simple phone call or email. Talk to us today.

Will this program address my psychological issues?

Yes most definitely.

Psychotherapy is integral to all of our treatment programs. What makes our programs so effective is that we address the underlying issues that give rise to your current concerns. These underlying issues can manifest in different ways, for example as depression, anxiety, or substance dependence. We provide a two-pronged approach that treats the symptoms as well as the cause. At The Bay, we operate from a trauma-sensitive view and respect the decisions that have brought you to where you are now.

What does a rehabilitation retreat cost?

Because we tailor each retreat according to your unique situation and individual requirements, the retreat cost is different for each client. We are more than happy to discuss what kind of personalised program will suit you best. Talk to us today.

Is The Bay’s program covered by private health funds?

As we are a private individual facility, not a hospital, private health insurance funds do not cover the cost of our retreats.

How long will the detox take?

The length of detox is dependent on the substance being used, the amount being taken and your age, fitness, and general health. At The Bay we to provide you with a comfortable, safe and fully-supervised detox that puts the least amount of stress on your body.

What level of privacy and confidentiality can you offer?

We offer the highest level of privacy and confidentiality available, to all of our clients. Our confidentiality agreement with you is forever. We will never discuss your personal details or location with anyone outside of our staff, without your express written permission. Specific therapeutic details are shared with relevant team members on a need-to-know basis only. If required, we can provide you with a pseudonym while you are in retreat to further protect your identity.

At The Bay, you will stay in your own individual house on an individual property located in the greater Byron Bay region. Only the team members who work with you will come to your retreat residence. Your location is never disclosed to anyone without your permission. We take our commitment to your privacy seriously and can work with you to devise a personalised privacy plan if required.

What level of luxury do you offer?

You can choose the level of luxury you prefer for the course of your retreat. We have access to a range of houses from the simply elegant to the tastefully opulent; all very comfortable and well appointed. You can choose a house in the lush green hinterland or close to Byron Bay’s stunning beaches. Retreat houses are sometimes limited by availability, however, we will always do our best to accommodate your specific preferences.

What length of residential rehab program will I need?

You are an individual with a unique background who is dealing with a unique set of circumstances. We take this into account during our initial consultation with you and design an in-depth residential retreat program that addresses the range of your needs, including your time available. We are aware that you have commitments in your life and your time may be limited.

The length of retreat needed for substance addiction will depend on a number of factors such as: the substance(s) you are taking, the dose or amount, the length of use, your general health and age, among other factors. The length of stay will depend on your goals and the issues you would like help with.

A Bay Retreats program of any length can offer profound and life-changing healing. As a general guide, recommended industry time frames suggest 28 days to be an acceptable length of stay – some people will need much longer than this and others less. Consider that it takes most people approximately three weeks to forge new habits, and then consider the severity of the issues you are dealing with.

More time in retreat offers more time to establish new habits, with a better chance for sustained healing. For some, it is enough to stay for less time, to jump-start their process and continue their healing at home. Most of our clients choose to stay anywhere from two weeks to two months. We are happy to discuss realistic retreat time frames for your circumstances.

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