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Working collaboratively strengthens recovery and community.

How To Refer Your Client To The Bay


At The Bay, we appreciate and honour the relationship you have with your client and understand the deep level of trust that they place in you. This is why we are dedicated to creating the most effective therapeutic retreat for their needs while at the same time including you in the process. We consider your professional input and knowledge of your client to be extremely valuable to their treatment, which is why we welcome your collaboration in the process of their care via our Collaborative Care Program.
Please note: you don’t need to have a pre-existing relationship with us to refer your client to The Bay.


Why Refer Your Clients to The Bay Retreats?


Quality of Care

Our retreats provide a level of quality and individual care unmatched anywhere in the world. We utilise a trauma-informed model of care creating a very comfortable and warm environment to support and nurture your clients during their treatment.

Our ethos of “whole person care” combined with our culture of therapeutic excellence, ensures that we remain up to date with the latest research and continually adjust our treatment programs to align with best practice standards.

Our single-client facility offers one-to-one therapeutic intervention that cannot be matched in residential treatment facilities. With our single-client focus (individual sessions, no groups or shared accommodation), your clients have the opportunity to deeply immerse themselves in their healing work, without the distraction of other clients and their concerns. Because there is not a group of clients to consider, we have the luxury of time to work with the subtleties and underlying issues that present in treatment, thereby achieving a more secure and lasting recovery.

Our Expertise

We constantly refine our own treatment approach by developing new or improved therapeutic practices to integrate the latest in cutting-edge, evidence-based research and techniques. Psychotherapy is at the core of all of our programs. Sessions are carried out daily by a highly experienced therapeutic team, to address immediate concerns and underlying issues. Your client is encouraged and supported to develop their own understanding of their healing process and find the most appropriate and useful means for their individual recovery. The intensive nature of our programs means that more progress can be made in a shorter period of time.

A Holistic Approach

On each day of your client’s program, we offer holistic mind-body sessions to help integrate their psychotherapy work, and build healthy habits that can replace substance use. This evidence-based practice of incorporating allied health and supportive therapies, meditation and body-oriented mindfulness practice, allows for more complete healing and sustainable recovery.

Collaborative Care

Working together with medical and therapeutic professionals around the world builds a strong community of care. This community ensures that when we collaborate with you, we are able to provide an outstanding quality of care for your client.


Compare us with most other rehab facilities:

The Bay Retreats: Most Other Rehab Facilities:
Trauma-informed model of care Reductive approach that considers addiction to be a singular symptom that needs treatment.
Approach addiction and other conditions from a dual diagnosis perspective and consider the deeper underlying issues of substance use Lack the resources to effectively address underlying issues, therefore use medication as main treatment
Utilise a self-empowered non-12 step approach Utilise the 12-Step approach
Single-client private residences only – not a “dorm” or shared room Multi-client service with shared rooms and dorms
Utilises an entire team of people dedicated to your client’s recovery (Ratio of 20:1) Large volumes of patients means the personal attention needed is impractical
24/7 medically monitored detox in a home-like setting Generic detox treatment using medication only
24/7 staff monitoring for client safety No Active personal monitoring


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