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When you or someone you love is experiencing mental health problems it can be an extremely confusing and difficult time. At the core of most mental health concerns is an environmental or lifestyle issue that requires close attention and, in many cases, needs to change.

Using evidence based therapeutic techniques and compassion, the team at The Bay assist our clients to identify areas of their life that are contributing to poor mental health and help them to make the required changes.

Our approach to mental health treatment is holistic in nature, and very different to what you would find in a private hospital or treatment centre. After initial assessment from our psychiatrist, you will be reviewed by our doctor and then a treatment plan will be developed with input from the whole team based on their knowledge of your diagnosis or circumstances.

Being the only client in the program you will have the attention of the entire team to help you to identify what is causing the challenges in your life and make the necessary changes to live a happy fulfilling life through long term change. As The Bay is an individual program your needs will never be overlooked due to other more complex patients being in the program and your care will never be compromised due to lack of staff resources as you are the focus of our care.

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