Single Client Rehab

A bespoke treatment plan individually tailored for a single client.

Single Client Rehab – One Client at a Time


What we’ve created at The Bay is a single-client rehab program. This involves a treatment plan that is individually tailored for one single client who comes to us, and stays in a large private country residence in entirely discreet surroundings in the Byron Bay hinterland.

Everything is delivered to the client at this private residence; all the therapies, doctors, nurses, psychologists and holistic treatments. Over a 4 – 8 week period, we tailor our therapeutic program to the specific needs of this single client.

All parts of the individualised treatment program are adaptable according to how the client progresses throughout their individual detox and recovery. As well as medical care, a client will receive one-to-one therapy and holistic treatments every day. We provide a car and driver for outings and allow a flexible environment for those with work commitments.

The Bay Retreats is one of only four rehab centres in the world, which specialise in single-client rehab and although there are similarities in the way single-client rehabs operate, each one has its own signature style.

The Bay Approach


Here at The Bay, we firmly believe all addictions stem from trauma, and healing the original trauma is the key component of each client’s program. We provide a friendly and compassionate environment in a lush green setting. This is vital for the client to feel safe and to completely relax.

Understanding the neuroscience of addiction, dual diagnosis and the underlying trauma underpins our approach where our team work together within a trauma-informed model of care.

Addiction and accompanying mental health issues form a complex condition; a ‘chicken and egg syndrome’ where dual diagnosis is the expectation rather than the exception. Our single client approach provides an optimal environment to overcome the root causes of a client’s presenting conditions, thereby creating the opportunity to precipitate the client towards a balanced, happier life.

For each client, we provide bespoke expertise to develop an unparalleled treatment plan. As presenting issues are often a unique aggregation of the psychological, bio-chemical, physical, medical, social and spiritual characteristics, we use an integrated and cross-disciplinary approach to treatment.

  • One client at a time
  • 20 staff to one patient ratio
  • Individually tailored treatment
  • Diverse and experienced dedicated team
  • Integrative medical approach
  • Bio-chemical restoration
  • Executive rehab environment

Exquisitely Nourishing Rehab Environment


At The Bay, the client’s comfort is our highest priority. This is particularly important during the initial detox. We support our clients to feel as welcome, cared for and safe as possible by providing 24-hour care, nourishing meals, and medication as needed to ease the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms.

Our highly rated and specifically prepared one-to-one treatment where we bring together a team of up to 20 people to care for a single client over the course of an individually tailored four – eight week program. That’s a 20:1 client ratio. This specialist team – all selected to suit one client’s particular needs – is made up of highly experienced and qualified healthcare professionals: doctors, nurses, therapists, personal trainers, meditation and yoga instructors, carers, chefs, and more.

During this exclusive rehab and aftercare program, a dedicated team works with a single client to assess individual emotional, physical and spiritual strengths and challenges. We then focus on nourishing those strengths and finding ways of working with the challenges.

There are many peaceful relaxing times, and the only people our client will interact with are the personalised staff who comes to the private residence at specifically allocated times. We develop a comprehensive, tailored program that also allows for reasonable adjustments to be made as the need arises, in consultation with the dedicated treatment team.

A personal chef provides delicious, grounding meals during detox and throughout the rehabilitation retreat. A personal carer (or nurse during detox) provides 24/7 support – attending to daily needs and maintaining the delicate balance of company and spaciousness.


Single Client Rehab in Byron Bay


Situated on the North Coast of NSW, we are blessed with some of the best quality organic food in the world. We provide a personal chef to prepare fresh meals daily for whatever diet is most conducive to the client’s healing process. When required, cooking classes form part of the after care integration.

Byron Bay is renowned for its beautiful beaches and its subtropical climate, it is an idyllic location. An artists’ epicentre and we have many wonderful activities at our disposal such as yoga, pilates, qigong, horseriding, surfing, dolphin kayaking, sky diving, hang gliding, whale watching, hot air ballooning and much more.

The Byron Bay area is widely known as a holiday destination, and what we offer is total privacy, confidentiality and anonymity.

If you would like more detailed information about single-client rehab please contact us via our web form or call +61 2 6684 4240 (Australia) or +1 310 220 0352 (USA).


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