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The Bay team understands that, at the end of a week of therapy, it’s important to have time to integrate the work you have done and relax and have fun. We’ve put together a variety of activities designed to appeal to our clients. Whether it is rainforest walks, horse riding, or simply walking on one of our pristine isolated beaches, your recovery is always supported and front of mind. See below for more information.

Massage & spa

Along with The Bay Method, our team will tailor your program to include a range of evidence-based therapeutic methods that include traditional Western psychological, integrative medical practice, and Eastern mindfulness techniques. As The Bay approach considers the whole person, not just your thoughts and feelings, we understand the benefit of holistic treatments such as relaxation massage, acupuncture, yoga, meditation and our day spa.

Beach & aquatic

Surrounded by stunning beaches, Byron Bay is a beach-lovers’ haven known for its pristine waters and abundant marine life. Whether you would like a gentle stroll on a beautiful beach, or a walk on the popular Lighthouse track, we can organise a day out filled with natural, unspoilt beauty.

Horse riding

If horse riding is your passion, or you have an interest in learning how to ride, we encourage you to take a beach ride at beautiful Tyagarah beach. The horse riding team will take you out onto the beach to ride and swim with the horses.As Equine Therapy and working with horses is a large part of The Bay therapeutic approach, our team always encourages time spent engaged in equine activities.

Nutrition & your Chef

Our chef will work with you to develop a range of meals best suited to your dietary needs, likes and dislikes, to provide nutritious, healthy meals during your stay and on your return home. The Bay sources the best local organic produce to offer our guests fresh, seasonal, delicious food and provides an education on how your food can be used to maximise your health outcomes and your general physical and mental well-being. Cooking classes can be included in your program.

Deep sea fishing

Deep sea fishing has always been a popular activity with our guests and, when the weather allows, our skipper will take you out on reefs where the fishing is no less than world-class. We can also organise for our chef to cook your fresh catch.

Rainforest & hinterland

Byron Bay hinterland is home to an abundance of pristine waterfalls and rainforest walks. The hinterland also offers rolling hills, beautiful vistas overlooking the coast and a series of quaint villages to be explored.

Tennis & golf

Gentle exercise combined with a picturesque course can be enjoyed at Byron Bay Golf Club. Or work on your forehand and serve the local tennis club. Talk to our team about organising either of these popular activities for you.

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