What to expect on arrival

A unique healing environment

Let go and immerse yourself


From your arrival and throughout your retreat, we invite you to let go and immerse yourself in The Bay’s unique healing environment, with all the expert care and genuine compassion that The Bay staff are known for.

If you are flying in for your retreat, a staff member will meet you at the airport and drive you to your private retreat residence in the stunning Byron Bay region. Of course, all care will be taken to maintain your discretion and privacy. If you require additional privacy, we can issue you with a pseudonym for your airport arrival and if, you choose, also for the duration of your program.

Your Care Manager and the Clinical Director will meet you at your retreat residence to show you around and help you to settle in. One of our personal chefs will have light food prepared so that you can revive after your journey.

Once you feel oriented, your Clinical Director will talk you through the psychotherapeutic aspects of your program, clarify any further details about your personalised program structure and answer any questions you might have.

Your doctor will then conduct a full medical assessment and prepare a plan for your medical care, which will be implemented by your personal nursing staff. We also conduct a full naturopathic assessment to determine the specific diet and any supplements that will be most beneficial for you. Your personal chef will then cater to these recommendations and your personal preferences.

Once your initial assessments have been completed you can take some time to relax and get familiar with the beautiful environment of your retreat home and its natural setting.

Depending on your physical and emotional capacity, your wellness and therapeutic sessions will gradually begin over the initial days of your retreat.

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